About Us

Find exactly what you need…

We know you don’t have time to search for supplies. That’s why we created Gamut: for people who need to get things done and keep things moving.

Save time and keep it simple with:

  • Quality products fulfilled by Grainger, a trusted name and longtime industry leader.
  • The full gamut of industrial products in stock and ready to go, same day.
  • A super-fast search engine that gets you to the right product—in a flash.
  • Smart suggestions for related items to be sure everything required is at hand.
  • Precise product images and technical specs to help you buy with confidence.
  • Everyday no-haggle prices so you can stop shopping and start working.

The world won’t run if people like you don’t have the right things to fix it. Gamut is here to help you find exactly what you need to get down to work.

Gamut Team

Gamut began with a simple question: how can we make this better? It’s probably a question you’ve asked yourself more than a few times. Our answer was to create a resource for people who think like us. People who know that it’s not just about fixing a machine—it’s about keeping your business moving. It’s about coming in on time and under budget. It’s about building trust.

If you have ideas, feedback on the site, or product requests, email us at feedback@gamut.com.