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Blasting Media

Blasting Media

Use abrasive blasting media with a blasting cabinet or portable blasting unit to finish, clean, debur, and etch workpieces and surfaces. Harder media will work faster and penetrate deeper, while softer media will reduce the impact on the base material.

Choose coarser grit grades for heavier material removal and finer grit grades for lighter material removal.

Glass Beads

One of the most common blasting materials, glass beads are the gentlest media available due to the spherical bead shape that creates a smooth, clean finish with minimal impact on your workpiece's dimensions.

Depending on the relative grit grade, glass beads can be used to blend, polish, clean, or debur. Use finer grades on thin materials or to create dull, matte finishes. Coarser grades generate brighter, more polished finishes as well as remove surface contaminants and small burs.

Glass Beads

Glass Beads/Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum Oxide

This hard, jagged media is often used to clean surfaces, strip hard metals, and prep surfaces for coatings. Aluminum oxide is also an economical blasting media choice since it can be reused. It does generate high levels of dust.

Coal Slag & Ground Glass

Use coal slag or ground glass for your light to medium abrading applications, such as paint and rust removal. Ground glass is considered a recyclable alternative to coal slag.

Coal Slag

Ground Glass

Corn Cob

This relatively soft and biodegradable media is recommended for use on soft and medium-strength materials, such as aluminum and plastic. Corn-cob abrasive can remove surface contaminants, rust, and coatings with minimal to no marring of the base material. The media does generate medium levels of dust and is not recyclable.


Also known as baking soda, this media is recommended for use on soft and medium-strength materials such as wood, plastic, and aluminum to finish, clean, or remove rust and paint. Soda abrasive generates high levels of dust and is not recyclable. For best results, use with blasting equipment made for soda abrasive.

Silicon Carbide

The go-to for tough jobs on hard materials, silicon carbide penetrates hard materials to provide quick finishing, etching, and surface-clearing results. Use on steel, ceramic, silicon, quartz, tungsten carbide, and cemented carbides. Silicon carbide generates very high levels of dust and is recyclable.