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Cartridge Rolls

Cartridge Rolls

Reach into small diameters or irregular contours of your workpiece where large tools can't fit with these cartridge rolls (also known as sanding cartridges). The rolls are constructed from layers of abrasive cloth that wear away during use, uncovering a fresh layer to help ensure that you have a sharp grit for a consistent finish. Use with a separate mandrel to secure the roll onto a power tool such as a drill, die grinder, or flexible shaft grinder. Cartridge rolls are ideal for polishing off machine tool marks, removing excess material (flash) from a product, and edge breaking.

Tapered Cartridge Rolls

Also known as spiral rolls, the diameter of these tapered cartridge rolls slowly decreases into a point, allowing them to fit into sharp corners, angles, recesses, channels, and holes where straight cartridge rolls won't reach.

Straight Cartridge Rolls

Sand flat and contoured surfaces, such as sidewalls, channels, recesses, and dead-end holes, with these straight cartridge rolls. Also called cylinder cartridges, they have the same diameter for their entire length for consistent material removal.