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Cartridge Rolls

Cartridge Rolls

Constructed from layers of abrasive cloth rolled around a small cylinder, cartridge rolls reach into small diameters, tight corners, or irregular contours. During use, the outer layer of the roll wears away, uncovering a fresh abrasive layer. A mandrel is required to secure the roll onto a die grinder or flexible shaft grinder.

Choose lower grit numbers for an even, smooth finish, and higher grit numbers for a fine, polished finish.

Tapered Cartridge Rolls

With a diameter that slowly decreases from end to end, tapered cartridge rolls fit well into corners, angles, recesses, channels, small holes, and other intricate areas to debur, grind, or polish.

Straight Cartridge Rolls

The same diameter for the entire length, straight cartridge rolls are best for removing marks and weld flash as well as sanding flat and contoured surfaces, such as sidewalls and channels.