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Cylinder Burs (SA)

Cylinder Burs (SA)

Often used as an alternative to a file, these burs have a long cylindrical shape with no cutting flutes on the end. They are ideal for general deburring and finishing of flat and interior contoured surfaces. Cylinder is the most commonly used bur shape. All have carbide heads, which are both strong and tough.

Double Cut

Rapidly remove steel, stainless steel, and other high-strength ferrous metals and alloys while leaving a smoother finish than single-cut burs. The double-cut flutes also create smaller chips than single-cut flutes and allow for more control of the bur and tool while operating.

18 in Shank Dia

14 in Shank Dia

6 mm Shank Dia

Single Cut

General-use single-cut flutes enable use of these burs on a wide range of ferrous and nonferrous metals and produce a smooth finish.

18 in Shank Dia

14 in Shank Dia

Aluma Cut

Designed with wide flutes, aluma-cut burs resist clogs, enabling use on soft materials such as aluminum, soft nonferrous metals, and plastics.