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End Brushes

End Brushes

Narrow heads of end brushes fit into hard to reach places, tight openings, pipes, molds, and tools.

Light Duty Cleaning & Deburring

The crimped bristles flex with the work surface, making these brushes ideal for light duty applications such as removing rust, paint, and burs.

Stainless Steel



Heavy Duty Cleaning & Deburring

The knotted wire construction creates a rigid bristle that is ideal for heavy duty applications such as heavy deburring, weld prep, and weld cleanup. The bristles of knotted wire brushes do not fall out as easily as those on crimped wire brushes.

Stainless Steel



Straight bristles make these brushes ideal for general-purpose cleaning of soft materials.

Abrasive Nylon for Blending & Deburring

These brushes have nylon bristles embedded with abrasive along the entire length. As the brush is used, fresh abrasive is exposed, resulting in consistent blending or deburring operation for the life of the brush. Choose coarser grits for heavy duty material removal.