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Felt Polishing Bobs

Felt Polishing Bobs

Made of flexible soft felt, these small bobs attach to a power tool for polishing in hard-to-reach and tight spots. Choose the shape that best suits your workpiece shape. Soft bobs are for final polishing and provide a higher luster than medium and hard bobs. Medium bobs are best for intermediate scratch removal and hard bobs are best for initial scratch removal and polishing corners and edges since they will hold their shape better than soft bobs.


The spherical shape of these tools finishes contoured surfaces and round openings. These are used to polish holes, bevels, and other concave surfaces.

Reciprocating Sticks

For use on reciprocating tools, these flat, straight sticks take advantage of the back-and-forth action of the tool to polish straight surfaces and corners. These are often used for polishing diamonds.


The point of these cone bobs fits perfectly into pointed-bottom slots and countersunk holes. The tapered shape also fits nicely into narrow or tapered openings.


Shaped like a cotton swab, these bobs have a wide round shape that deburs and finishes long round holes and slots. They can also be used on other contoured surfaces.


These bobs have a long cylindrical shape with a flat end. They are ideal for general polishing of flat and contoured surfaces.

Rounded-End Cylinder

Shaped with straight sides and a rounded end, these rounded-end cylindrical bobs are ideal for polishing and finishing narrow straight-sided openings with a round bottom. They are often used on round-bottomed holes and slots.


Keep various shapes of felt bobs on hand to handle most workpiece shapes.