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Flared Cup Grinding Wheels (Type 11)

Flared Cup Grinding Wheels (Type 11)

Also known as Type 11 wheels, these grinding wheels have a flared cup shape, which offers a large grinding surface. Use them for rough grinding and snagging. Choose from wheels designed for grinding specific materials.

General Purpose

Made with the most commonly used abrasive, these aluminum-oxide abrasive grinding wheels are for general purpose use. Aluminum oxide provides a balance of toughness and strength for grinding a variety of materials.

32A Abrasive Type

38A Abrasive Type

57A Abrasive Type

Long Life

Tackle heavy material removal when grinding metals like stainless steel. Zirconia alumina abrasive is harder, tougher, and longer-lasting than aluminum oxide abrasive.

High Performance

Made with ceramic alumina abrasive, these wheels stay cooler and require less pressure, which keeps the wheels sharper and cuts hard metals faster than other wheels. They are suitable for use on stainless steel and other hard metals.

Coarse Grit

Norton Diamond & CBN for Carbide & Ceramics

The hard diamond abrasive and CBN (cubic boron nitride) on these wheels is both sharp and tough, making them ideal for grinding materials like carbide and ceramics. Diamond is harder and faster-cutting than CBN.

Coarse Grit

Medium Grit

Fine Grit


These wheels are made with silicon carbide abrasive, which is sharper and faster-cutting than general-use aluminum oxide abrasive. They are suitable for use on concrete, stone, and metals.

Extra Coarse Grit