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Flexible Cylinder Hones

Flexible Cylinder Hones

Debur and finish the inside of bores and cylinders by attaching these abrasive-covered flexible rods to your drill, CNC machine, lathe, or other rotating power tool. The hones are oversized to ensure contact with the material surface and should be rotating as they are inserted and removed. Use with honing oil or lubricant.

Lower grit numbers offer a smooth and even finish, while the highest grits offer a polishing finish.

General Purpose Silicon Carbide

Silicon carbide abrasive is sharp and fast cutting and is suitable for general purpose use on steel and stainless steel.

Durable Diamond

The hardest abrasive available, the diamond abrasive of these hones is long-lasting and resists fracture and breakage. It can handle tough carbide, ceramic, and hardened steel.