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High-Flexibility Radial Bristle Brushes

High-Flexibility Radial Bristle Brushes

The extremely flexible bristles of these brushes fan out in a radial shape to fit into angles, corners, intricate workpieces, and other hard-to-reach places. Use these versatile brushes on a variety of materials to clean, debur, finish, and remove coatings, adhesives, rust, and paint.

The bristles are filled with durable abrasive grit. As the brush is used, fresh abrasive is exposed, resulting in consistent cleaning and finishing for the life of the brush. They also offer improved safety compared to wire filament bristles that are sharp and may fall off during operation.

Choose coarser grit grades for heavier material removal and finer grit grades for lighter material removal.

For Drills & Die Grinders

These brushes are smaller than brushes for bench grinders and are compatible with drills and die grinders, which can be used on small workpieces or carried to the jobsite. All brushes have a shank mount.

For Bench Grinders

Sized for use with bench grinders, these brushes are larger and better for use on large workpieces than brushes for drills and die grinders. Each brush has an arbor hole for mounting.