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Power Tube Brushes

Power Tube Brushes

Attach these brushes to a power tool to debur, clean, and finish difficult-to-reach places like tubes, pipes, small diameter holes, and internally threaded surfaces faster than a hand brush. Brushes come in a variety of bristle materials for a variety of applications.

Light Cleaning & Deburring

Narrower and more flexible than double-spiral stem brushes, these single-spiral stem brushes are more suitable for light cleaning and deburring applications. The wire bristles are twisted into the stem for a secure hold.



Heavy Cleaning & Deburring

The strength of the double-spiral stem makes these brushes sturdier and more suitable for heavy cleaning and deburring than single-spiral brushes. Brushes with smaller-diameter stems are flexible and resist fatigue, while larger-diameter stems are stiff and more aggressive.

Stainless Steel



Heavy Cleaning & Deburring of Internal Threading

These power tube brushes feature a single spiral stem and two rows of bristles twisted into the stem that get into the threaded portion on the inside of tubes when inserted. They are suitable for cleaning and deburring.



Embedded with abrasive, the nylon bristles of these brushes finish and debur finely threaded tubing. As the brush is used, fresh abrasive is exposed, resulting in consistent blending and finishing for the life of the brush. The silicon carbide grit that is embedded in the nylon bristles has a sharp edge.

Nylon embedded with Silicon Carbide

Internal & External Cleaning

Simultaneously clean tubes and fittings internally and externally with 1 tool. Bristles around the inside of the brush body clean the outside of the tube while the straight brush sticking out from the center of the brush body cleans the inside of the tube. These brushes are commonly used in plumbing and refrigeration applications to prepare the inside and outside of tubes and pipes for welding, soldering, or sealing.


Brush Kit