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Tumbling & Finishing Media & Accessories

Tumbling & Finishing Media & Accessories

Fill your finisher or tumbler with abrasive media to put a finish on workpieces. Choose from a variety of media for rough to fine finishes. For best results, follow manufacturer instructions about using the media dry, wet, or either wet or dry.

Stainless Steel Magnetic Pins

Made of stainless steel, these pins are for use in magnetic finishing systems to finish hard-to-reach spots and areas where other media may get stuck, such as recesses and slots. Pins should not be stored in a tumbler bowl since this may overmagnetize them.

Nutshell Media for Colored Soft Metals

Finish nonferrous metals such as copper, brass, and bronze using this nutshell media in a centrifugal magnetic finisher. This media is made with crushed walnut shells and is a good substitute for sand when particle inhalation is a concern.

Lightweight Plastic Pyramids

Lighter than other media, plastic creates a fine finish and is suitable for use with softer metals and materials. The pyramid shape has high surface contact to ensure workpieces are finished efficiently.

Medium-Weight Ceramalite Cut Cylinders

Get a finer finish than ceramic media and a brighter and faster finish than plastic media. These ceramalite cut cylinders are lightweight and suitable for use on metals.

Heavyweight Ceramic Angle-Cut Cylinders

Angled to hold its shape well and provide a large contact surface, this heavy ceramic media aggressively and quickly finishes a workpiece. This media is suitable for use on hard metals.

Heavyweight Ceramic Polyhedrons

These heavy, sharp ceramic polyhedrons, which are shapes with various facets, remove material aggressively. The polyhedron shape has high surface contact and more mobility than triangularly shaped media, so they work more quickly. This media is suitable for use on hard metals.

Heavyweight Ceramic Triangles

Aggressively remove material with these heavy, sharp ceramic triangles. The triangular shape has high surface contact to remove material more quickly than many other shapes. This media is suitable for use on hard metals.