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Cloth Tape

Cloth Tape

This sturdy tape has a flexible cloth backing and is typically easy to tear and apply by hand. It is used for diverse applications in the plumbing, construction, HVAC, shipping, aviation, and manufacturing industries.

General Purpose

This multipurpose cloth tape is suitable for a range of everyday tasks, such as sealing boxes, bundling cables, covering sharp corners or edges, or protecting metal or glass surfaces.

Gamut Approved

Cotton with Rubber Adhesive — Single Sided


Polyester with Acrylic Adhesive — Double Sided

Polypropylene with Acrylic Adhesive — Double Sided

Abrasion Resistant

Ideal for use in a range of environments, this tape has an abrasion-resistant cloth backing and a strong adhesive that can withstand high temperatures.

Glass Cloth with Silicone Adhesive

3M 3615 — 0.007 in Thick

PTFE-Coated Glass Cloth with Silicone Adhesive

Gamut Approved — 0.0047 in Thick

Gamut Approved — 0.005 in Thick

Gamut Approved — 0.007 in Thick

Gamut Approved — 0.0117 in Thick

Gamut Approved — 0.012 in Thick

3M 5151 — 0.0045 in Thick

3M 5153 — 0.0053 in Thick

3M 5451 — 0.0056 in Thick

3M 5453 — 0.0082 in Thick

Flame Retardant

Featuring a durable, flame-resistant cloth backing, this tape is suitable for tasks such as protecting parts and surfaces in soldering or welding applications, taping joints and seams in ductwork, and repairing or sealing cargo compartment liners, windows, seats, and acoustic panels in airplanes. It meets the Federal Aviation Administration's FAR 25.853/25.853(a) or 25.855/25.855(d) standards for flame resistance.

Glass Cloth with Acrylic Adhesive

Glass Cloth with Silicone Adhesive

High Temperature

Wrap wires, cables, hoses, pipes, gaskets, and other components in this fireproof cloth tape to protect them from damage in high-temperature environments.


Silica with Rubber Adhesive


An antistatic adhesive on this tape prevents static buildup and helps protect electrical components from damage.

PTFE-Coated Glass Cloth with Silicone Adhesive

0.005 in Thick

0.007 in Thick

0.008 in Thick

Skived PTFE with Silicone Adhesive

0.007 in Thick

0.008 in Thick


This cloth tape comes in pre-cut round or square pieces for taping small areas or covering holes.

General Purpose — Double Sided


3M 9088

Abrasion Resistant — Single Sided


Gamut Approved


Gamut Approved