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Concrete & Asphalt Repair

Concrete & Asphalt Repair

Revitalize worn and damaged concrete and asphalt surfaces by repairing cracks, holes, pitting, and other common damage.

Concrete Crack Repair

Prevent cracks in concrete from spreading. These concrete crack-repair compounds fill in and seal cracks and other small damage on concrete surfaces.

Polyurethane crack filler is self-leveling.

Epoxy crack repair putty mixes and molds by hand and inserts into cracks for emergency repairs.

Water-activated polyurethane crack filler turns into an expanding foam when it comes in contact with water.

Epoxy Crack Repair

Epoxy Crack Repair Putty

Polyurethane Crack Filler

Water-Activated Polyurethane Crack Filler

Concrete Patch Repair

Restore concrete that is crumbling or missing pieces. These concrete patch repairers act as a filler to create a strong, revitalized surface.

General Purpose

Fast Setting

Leak Stopping

Concrete & Brick Adhesives

Invisibly bond concrete blocks, bricks, stone, or wood together to create landscaping walls and structures.

Concrete & Cement Mixes

The versatility of cement means that it can be used to bond, seal, or build in many applications.

Concrete mixes are a blend of sand, gravel, and cement and are intended for use where concrete is more than 2" thick.

Cement mix fully cures to twice the strength of standard concrete mix.

Concrete Mix

General Purpose

High Strength

Fast Setting

Crack Resistant

Cement Mix

High Strength & Fast Setting


The necessary accessory when building any brick, block, or stone wall. Mortar bonds the components together and seals the seams.

Acceptable for use with load-bearing walls and below-grade jobs.

Concrete Anchors

Secure threaded rod and reinforced bar within concrete by filling drilled holes with these concrete anchoring compounds.

Expansion Joint Sealant

Fill expansion joints to keep out moisture and debris. These sealants flex to accommodate the expansion and contraction expected from joints.

Heat-activated joint sealant rope must be melted in the crack or joint using a propane torch (sold separately).

Joint Sealant

Heat Activated Joint Sealant

Asphalt Patch & Sealant

Crack filler and patch compounds plug cracks, holes, and other asphalt surface damage. Sealants protect asphalt surfaces against weather and wear to prevent damage and extend life.


Crack Filler