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Construction Caulk & Sealants

Construction Caulk & Sealants

Use thick, paste-like construction caulks, sealants, and adhesives to fill gaps and surface imperfections, seal joints, and join materials during building, repair, and renovation projects.

Panel & Drywall

Fill gaps and seams around drywall and paneling with these caulks and sealants.

General Purpose

Tub & Shower

Wall Covering

Wall Base


FRP (Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic)

Window & Door

Block out drafts, moisture, and debris by maintaining a tight seal around window and door frames with these sealants. They stay flexible after curing to allow surfaces to naturally expand and contract without breaking the seal. They also withstand UV exposure to avoid cracking or degrading in direct sunlight.

Paintable After Cure

Not Paintable After Cure

Bathroom & Kitchen

Seal around tubs, sinks, countertops, tile, and backsplashes with bathroom and kitchen caulk. They block out moisture and debris and create a neat appearance for a finished look.

Paintable After Cure

Not Paintable After Cure

HVAC & Electrical

Stop air leaks and help insulate around ductwork, flue pipe, junction boxes, and other connection points in HVAC and electrical systems with these sealants. They fill in gaps and seams to block out drafts, moisture, and debris.

Silicone Sealant

Urethane Sealant

Sealing Gum

Duct Sealant

Hazardous Location Sealing Cement

Firestop Sealant


Create a strong bond between flooring and underlying surfaces with these adhesives. Use them instead of nails, tacks, and tapes to install flooring materials.


For Subfloors

For Wood Flooring

For Vinyl Tile

For Carpet

Roof & Gutter

Avoid leaks and water damage by sealing roofs and securing roofing materials and gutters with these coatings and adhesives. The coatings protect roofs from damaging UV light and weather, and the adhesives bond shingles or gutters to roofs.

Roofing Adhesive

Roof Coating

Gutter Adhesive

Vehicle Frames

Bond vehicle panels and seal body joints with these adhesive sealants. They can be used as an alternative to rivets or other fasteners, and they help prevent corrosion by blocking moisture and debris from getting into joints. They stay flexible after curing, which allows the joint to move without breaking the seal and provides cushioning to dampen noise. They're typically used for assembling and repairing trucks, buses, trains, and other vehicles.

Underwater Sealing

Also known as marine adhesives, these underwater sealants form a waterproof seal to fill gaps, repair imperfections, and help prevent leaks on boats, docks, and other surfaces that are in contact with water. The sealants stay flexible above and below the waterline to withstand vibration, swelling, and shrinking without breaking the seal. Apply them to clean, dry surfaces before exposing them to water.