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Foil Tape

Foil Tape

Available with aluminum, copper, lead, and stainless steel foil backings, foil tape can withstand high or low temperatures and can adhere to clean, dry surfaces, even those that are curved or uneven. It is used in a range of automotive, construction, HVAC, aviation, and electrical applications, including bonding and insulating electrical parts, assembling and repairing cars and airplanes, and sealing metal ductwork against moisture, dust, or vapor.


Tackle a range of sealing, holding, splicing, and masking applications with this general-purpose aluminum tape, including sealing joints and seams in HVAC ductwork or repairing metal parts such as gutters and vehicle panels.

General Purpose — Linered

Gamut Approved


Nashua 322

Nashua 361-11

Shurtape AF 912

Shurtape AF 973

Extreme Temperature — Self-Wound

Gamut Approved

3M 363

3M 425

3M 431

3M 433

3M 438

3M 4380

Extreme Temperature — Linered

3M 433L

3M 3380

Nashua 314

Nashua 330X

Shurtape AF 100

Shurtape AF 975

ASJ Tape — Linered

Nashua 348

FSK Tape — Linered

3M 3320


Nashua FSK

EMI Shielding — Linered

3M 1120

Printed UL — Linered

3M 3340


Nashua 324A

Sound Dampening — Linered

3M 2552


This solderable copper tape can be used to bond, shield, repair, and ground electrical components. Choose a copper tape with conductive adhesive for tasks like repairing or modifying circuit boards, or use a copper tape with nonconductive adhesive to protect sensitive parts from static discharge and to hold parts for soldering.


Gamut Approved

3M 1181


Gamut Approved

3M 1125

3M 1194


Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, this water-resistant lead tape protects equipment from radiation and x-rays and seals out dust and moisture. Commonly used in electroplating applications and for masking x-rays, this highly pliable tape conducts heat and electricity and can adhere to uneven surfaces with rough textures.

3M 420

3M 421

Stainless Steel

With a nonmagnetic, corrosion-resistant stainless steel backing, this tape is suitable for use in wet or harsh environments such as marine facilities, food-processing areas, and nuclear power plants.

Gamut Approved


Choose from a range of foil tape in pre-cut round shapes for taping or protecting small areas.

General Purpose Copper — Linered

3M 1181

Extreme Temperature Aluminum — Linered

3M 425