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Gasket-Making Adhesives

Gasket-Making Adhesives

Create gaskets of different shapes and sizes with gasket-making adhesives. Also known as formed-in-place gaskets and gasket makers, these adhesives are applied to flanges or between surfaces to fill gaps and holes and form a leak-free seal that keeps fluid, air, or gas in and dirt and contaminants out. They're commonly used on engine components, motor housings, valve covers, gear cases, pumps, and windows.

General Purpose

Use general purpose gasket-making adhesives for everyday sealing tasks that don't require a specialized adhesive.

Gamut Approved


Loctite SI 587

Loctite SI 594

Fast Setting

Keep your project moving forward with gasket-making adhesives that set within minutes. Fast-setting gasket-making adhesives are ideal for making quick repairs, sealing newly assembled parts, and maintenance tasks where you need to get equipment back into service as soon as possible.

Gamut Approved


Loctite SI 5900

High Temperature

Seal joints in hot environments and on high-temperature equipment such as motors, exhaust manifolds, ovens, furnace flues, and HVAC ducts with these gasket-making adhesives. They resist cracking and shrinking to keep gaps filled when exposed to high heat.

600 ° F Max Op Temp

Gamut Approved

Loctite Superflex

625 ° F Max Op Temp

Loctite 5699

Loctite 598

650 ° F Max Op Temp

Gamut Approved

700 ° F Max Op Temp

Loctite 5920

Loctite SI 5920

Adhesive-Backed Cord

Skip the mess of liquid gasket-making adhesives with these soft, flexible cords. Also known as gasket tape, they're made of expanded PTFE, which conforms to fill grooves and gaps between surfaces, and they have an adhesive backing so you can press them into place to form a gasket. Gasket-making cords are typically used to form seals around valves and shafts.


High Temperature