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Apply glue between two materials to bond them without using fasteners. Glue forms a clean-looking joint without leaving protrusions on the workpiece and is used on a range of materials for repairs, crafts, and other small- or medium-scale jobs.

General Purpose

Use general purpose glue for everyday bonding tasks that don't require a specialized glue.

Fast Setting

High Strength & Water Resistant

Indoor/Outdoor Use

No Mess

Simplify your projects with no-mess glue that won't drip, run, or spill. These adhesives come in solid form, allowing you to apply just the amount you need and avoid wasted product.


Glue Stick



Glue Dots

Also known as glue discs, glue dots press into place to provide glue right where it's needed and form an instant bond between materials. They provide a consistent amount of glue with each dot and won't run, drip, or sag like liquid glues, helping to prevent waste. Glue dots are commonly used as an alternative to hot-melt glue for packaging, labeling, and mounting tasks.




Wood Glue

Form a strong bond between wood surfaces with wood glue. Good for joining hard and soft wood, particleboard, plywood, and other porous surfaces in carpentry, furniture making, and other woodworking tasks.

For Most Woods

For Dark Wood

High Strength

Water Resistant

High Strength & Water Resistant

Fast Setting

Slow Setting

No Drip

For Laminate

For Veneer