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Typically medium-strength adhesives, glues bond two materials together. These include wood glues and general-purpose liquids, putty, tapes, sticks, and dots.

General Purpose

Create moderate-strength bonds between a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, and foam.

Fast Setting

Flexible & Chemical Resistant

High Strength & Water Resistant

Indoor/Outdoor Use

No Mess

Simplify your projects with adhesives that won't drip, run, or spill.

Adhesive dots provide an instant bond right where you want it, with no cure time required.

Reusable adhesive putty is an alternative to other removable options such as tape, staples, and magnets. Putty won't dry out and comes in a resealable bag to maintain adhesive properties.

Tape glue strips are adhesive on both sides. Cut the right-sized strip for your application.

Glue stick swipes onto material with light pressure.

Adhesive Dots

Glue Stick

Reusable Adhesive Putty


Wood Glue

These glues provide the high bonding strength required when working with hard and soft wood, particleboard, plywood, and other porous surfaces.


For Dark Wood

High Strength

Water Resistant

High Strength & Water Resistant

Fast Drying

Fast Setting

Slow Setting

No Drip

For Laminate

For Veneer