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Handheld Packaging Tape Dispensers

Handheld Packaging Tape Dispensers

Lightweight handheld dispensers hold a single roll of packaging tape and can be carried to seal boxes in different locations. Designed for quick, single-handed tape application, they have a serrated blade for cutting the tape at the desired length.

Pistol Grip

Also known as tape guns, these tape dispensers have a pistol grip that provides improved comfort and reduced hand fatigue when taping for extended periods of time.

Standard Grip

Standard Grip with Adjustable Brake

Standard Grip with Retractable Blade

Curved Grip

Molded Grip

Molded Grip with Adjustable Brake

Molded Grip with Retractable Blade


Featuring a clamshell grip that fits in the palm of the hand, these packaging tape dispensers let the user control the tape tension as it is applied, helping to create a tight seal on the package.