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Primers, Activators, & Accelerators

Primers, Activators, & Accelerators

Boost the performance of your adhesives with these primers, activators, and accelerators. They help ensure a strong bond between the adhesive and the surface and speed up setting and curing times.


Strengthen the bond between adhesives and surfaces with primers. They act as a basecoat that prepares surfaces to enhance adhesion. Use a primer that's compatible with the type of adhesive you're using and the material you're applying it to.

For Gasket Sealants

For Instant Adhesives

For Retaining Compounds

For Surface Repair Filler & Patches

For Threadlockers


Help acrylic structural adhesives adhere firmly to a surface and accelerate their cure time with activators. Activators are commonly used in repair and assembly applications where speed is essential.


Speed up the cure of instant adhesives with accelerators so you can quickly return parts and equipment to service. Accelerators spur a chemical reaction in the adhesive that shortens the time it takes the adhesive to reach full cure and improves gap filling for a better bond.