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Surface Repair Filler & Patches

Surface Repair Filler & Patches

Mend minor surface defects and damage. Filler and patches dry quickly with minimal shrinking and adhere strongly to a variety of surfaces.

For Metal

Repair everything from damaged machinery to rusted surfaces. Adhesives that cure quickly are a common choice for field repairs.

For All Metals

For All Metals — Fast Setting

For All Metals — Wear Resistant

For All Metals — High Temperature

For All Metals — Mildew & Water Resistant

For Aluminum

For Steel

For Fiberglass

Repair marred or broken fiberglass surfaces.

Epoxy putty fills in scratches, gouges, and holes without mess.

Adhesive bonds fiberglass panels and other surfaces together.

Filler repairs small holes, cracks, or dents.

Cloth reinforces mended fiberglass surfaces. To use, position the cloth on the surface and coat with a resin (sold separately).

Patch comes with all you need to revitalize a fiberglass surface. The polyester patch cures when exposed to UV light or sunlight.

Epoxy Putty






For Plastic

Fix a multitude of damaged plastic surfaces, ranging from cracks in pipes to holes and split seams in drums.


Epoxy Putty


For Rubber

Restore worn rubber components with rubber-repairing putty and adhesive, or create new parts using moldable rubber and molding compounds.



Moldable Rubber

Molding Compound

Repair Kit

For Wood

Fill in surface imperfections or reinforce rotted wood with this wide variety of wood-repairing adhesives.

Filler spreads into cracks and holes to even out a wood surface.

Hardener penetrates rotted wood to reinforce it from within.

Scratch repair is hand-workable material that fills in nail holes and scratches in wood.



Scratch Repair

For Wall & Ceiling

Repair surface damage on walls and ceilings with spackle, plaster of Paris, and popcorn ceiling patch, or seal taped joints between drywall sheets with these joint compounds.


Drywall & Plaster



Joint Compound


Plaster of Paris


Popcorn Ceiling Patch

Drywall & Plaster

For Glass & Porcelain

Camouflage your chip and crack repairs on glass and porcelain surfaces.

Leak Repair

Fix and prevent additional leaks with these patches, putties, and sealing compounds.

Asphalt patch is backed with adhesive asphalt. Peel off the backing and press the patch into place to repair or reinforce trailers, roofs, and flashing.

Epoxy patch is commonly used to repair tanks, pipes, and other containers.

Epoxy putty covers or fills in cracks and holes.

Pipe repair kit includes putty to cover a hole or crack in a pipe, and an adhesive wrap to encase the repair and cure in place for additional sealing.

Sealant coats a surface to repair small cracks and create a barrier against leaks.

Epoxy Putty

Epoxy Putty — Cures Underwater

Epoxy Putty — Heat Activated


Sealant — Heat Activated

Asphalt Patch

Pipe Repair Kit

High Temperature

These compounds continue to work even when exposed to high temperatures.