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Surface Repair Filler & Patches

Surface Repair Filler & Patches

Improve the appearance of surfaces by mending defects and damage with these fillers and patches. They adhere strongly to surfaces and cure with minimal shrinking to fill in scratches, gouges, tears, and other blemishes.

For Metal

Restore metal surfaces by repairing dents, dings, scratches, corrosion, or other damage with these fillers and patches. They're a good choice for repairing vehicle bodies, industrial equipment, and machines.

For Metal

For All Metals

For All Metals — Fast Setting

For All Metals — Wear Resistant

For All Metals — High Temperature

For All Metals — Mildew & Water Resistant

For Aluminum

For Steel

For Fiberglass

Repair or bond fiberglass surfaces, panels, and components with these fillers and patches. They're commonly used on automobiles, boats, and bathtub and shower surrounds.






For Plastic

Fix cracks, small holes, and other damage on plastic surfaces with these fillers and patches. They're suitable for repairing pipes, drums, and similar plastic parts.


Epoxy Putty


For Rubber

Fill in gouges or scratches on rubber parts and surfaces with putties and adhesives, or use moldable rubber and compounds for creating new components. These products are commonly used on drive belts, conveyor belts, and bumpers.



Molding Compound

Repair Kit

For Wood

Revitalize wood surfaces by repairing cracks, filling in holes, or covering and reinforcing rotted areas with these wood-repairing adhesives. They're often used on wooden doors, window frames, furniture, and cabinets.



Scratch Repair

For Wall & Ceiling

Cover blemishes, fill in holes or gouges, and smooth out seams on walls and ceilings using these patches, spackles, plasters, and compounds. They're typically used to prepare surfaces before painting for a better result.


Drywall & Plaster



Joint Compound


Plaster of Paris


Popcorn Ceiling Patch

Drywall & Plaster

For Glass & Porcelain

Use these fillers and patches to fix chips and cracks or reattach broken parts on glass or porcelain surfaces. Good for sinks, tubs, tile, pottery, drinking glasses, and mugs.

Leak Repair

Put a stop to leaks with these putties, patches, and sealants. Use them to repair holes and cracks and create a barrier against future leaks in pipes, feed lines, roofs, storage tanks, and radiators.

Epoxy Putty

Epoxy Putty — Cures Underwater

Epoxy Putty — Heat Activated


Sealant — Heat Activated

Asphalt Patch

Pipe Repair Kit

High Temperature

Prevent hot environments from undoing your repairs by using heat-resistant putties, which maintain their hold when exposed to hot surfaces or high temperatures. They are a good choice for repairing damage on exhaust manifolds, heating ducts and flues, boiler tanks, and other high-heat equipment.