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Art & Drafting Document File Systems

Art & Drafting Document File Systems

Organize, store, and protect your artwork or drafting documents with these specialized file systems.

Hanging Vertical Files

Keep large drawings, prints, plans, and artwork organized and ready for use with these hanging vertical files. Ideal for works in progress or frequently referenced items.

Mobile — Steel

Wall Mount — Steel

Hanging File Clamps

Add additional storage capacity to your hanging vertical files.

Flat Horizontal Files

For long-term storage of blueprints, plans, and artwork, these flat filing systems allow you to store your documents without curling or bending.

With Lockable Drawers

Flat File Risers

Raise up flat horizontal filing systems to make documents easier to access with these flat file risers.

Roll Files

Roll up blueprints, artwork, and other documents for easy storage and retrieval.