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Bacteria & Dust Control Mats

Bacteria & Dust Control Mats

Reduce the amount of dust or bacteria that gets tracked through an entryway. These containment mats have either a sticky surface or a liquid sanitizing agent that removes contaminants as foot traffic and wheels pass over them, making the mats a common choice for clean room and household moving applications.

Disposable Tacky Mats

Use these disposable tacky mats to capture dirt and other contaminants in areas with high foot and wheel traffic, then peel off the top layer when it is dirty for an uncontaminated mat. They are held in place with an adhesive vinyl backing to help prevent shifting.

Polyethylene Tacky Mat

Polyethylene Tacky Mat with Frame

Reusable Tacky Mat Bases

Ensure that your disposable tacky mats stay in place under heavy traffic with these reusable bases, which have a non-skid underside for extra stability.

Rectangle PVC Foam

Square PVC Foam