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Protect workers and equipment from sun and rain with these canopies. Add sidewalls and other accessories for additional protection.

Pop-Up Tops for Instant Protection

Quickly block work spaces and break areas from sun, rain, and other elements with these pop-up canopy tops.

Steel Frame

Framed Tops for Standard Protection

More rigid than pop-up top canopies, these framed-top canopies provide a sturdy shelter from the weather.

Steel Frame

Walled Shelters for Added Protection

Protect a work space or equipment by enclosing it on all sides.

Aluminum Frame

Fiberglass Frame

Steel Frame

Add-On Side Walls

Attach these walls to a canopy (sold separately) to provide additional protection from the elements.


Keep canopies and shelters in place when it's windy with bag sets and anchors.

In-Ground Anchor

On-Ground Anchor


Help keep portable canopies in good condition with these accessories.