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Ceiling Tile Suspension Framing

Ceiling Tile Suspension Framing

Create a custom suspended framework for your ceiling tiles. This modular framing includes struts and mounting hardware for a variety of drop ceiling configurations.

Main Beams

Also known as runners, run these T-shaped main beams lengthwise along a drop ceiling to create a ceiling grid for supporting ceiling tiles. Use cross tees to finish creating the ceiling grid, and mount using suspension wire (sold separately).

Galvanized Steel

Cross Tees

Fit cross tees into slots along your drop ceiling's main beams to create a framing grid to hold ceiling tiles.

Galvanized Steel

Wall Molding

Use wall molding for a smooth, finished transition between the ceiling tiles and the wall and for added ceiling frame support. Butt ends together for longer walls.

Suspension Wire

Choose suspension wire to support main beams and cross tees to help prevent sagging or collapse of the drop ceiling.


Select from among different types of fastening screws to install drop ceiling accessories.

Clips, Hooks, & Clamps

Hold drop ceiling components and other items in place with these clips, hooks, and clamps.

Installation Kits

Save time selecting suspension ceiling hardware with these installation kits. Each kit contains a variety of hardware components necessary for installing the suspension framing.