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Interlocking Mat Accessories

Interlocking Mat Accessories

These interlocking mat accessories allow you to connect, create a border, and maintain configurations of interlocking mats. Border and corner accessories prevent tripping and other accidents by making mats more visible.


Add these ramps to the sides of interlocking mats to ease mobility and increase safety when moving on or off the mat. Use in areas where rolling carts or other wheeled equipment are present.

For Use with Notrax Flex-Lok Mats


For Use with Notrax MD Ramp System Mats


For Use with Wearwell ErgoDeck Mats


For Use with Wearwell FIT Mats


Ramp with Corner

For Use with Wearwell Rejuvenator Mats


Side Edging

Create a finished appearance to your interlocking mats by adding side edging. Choose side edging in a different color than your mat, which can help increase safety by making the mat more visible.

For Use with Wearwell 24/Seven Mats

Corner Edging

Complete your interlocking mat configuration with corner edging, which is used in conjunction with side edging for a clean look and added safety.

For Use with Wearwell ErgoDeck Mats

Stack Connectors

Increase the height of your interlocking matting to help employees comfortably work with tall, hard to reach equipment, while also allowing liquids to flow through the mats without getting trapped underneath with these stack connectors.

For Use with Gamut Approved Mats

For Use with Wearwell WorkSafe Mats