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Modular Storage Rooms

Modular Storage Rooms

Commonly used in existing storage spaces, data centers, and supply areas, create a customized storage area or other partitioned space with these modular wall panels, doors, posts, and locks.

Wall Panels

Form the main body of your modular storage room with these wall panels. They can be joined on the sides, top, and bottom to customize the size of the room to meet your storage needs.


Create an entryway to your modular storage room with these hinged or sliding doors.

Sliding Door

Door Locks

Install a lock into the door of your modular storage room for added security.

Hinged Door Lock

Sliding Door Lock


Use these posts and post extensions with doors and walls (sold separately) to build a framework of support for your modular storage room.

Partition Post

Partition Post Extension

Mounting Hardware

Use this hardware to secure the panels and wire partitions of your modular storage room to a wall.

Angle Panel Hinge Kit

Wire Partition Clamp Kit