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Strip Doors

Strip Doors

Create transparent push-through partitions with strip doors. Typically used for temperature control and safety, these doors separate spaces without impeding the movement of forklifts, carts, or people.

General Purpose

Keep warm or cool air contained to one space and minimize energy costs with these strip doors.

For Indoor & Outdoor Use

Clear PVC with Bolt-On Mount

For Welding Protection

Protect people near welding workspaces from heat, flying sparks, and spatter by creating a barrier with these welding protection strip doors.

For Indoor Use

Amber PVC with Bolt-On Mount

For Indoor & Outdoor Use

Red PVC with Bolt-On Mount

For Cooler or Freezer Access

Commonly used in walk-in freezers and coolers, these strips help keep in the cold when the doors are frequently opened.

For Indoor & Outdoor Use

Clear PVC with Bolt-On Mount

Replacement Strips

Replace worn, missing, or damaged strips or customize a strip door to fit your space and application.

For Indoor & Outdoor Use

Clear PVC

Amber PVC



Keep door strips securely in place with these brackets and retainer bars. Mount to a wall or door jamb and attach press-on or thread-on strips for easy door installation.

Screw-On Mount