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Traction & Floor Protection Mats

Traction & Floor Protection Mats

Install these mats to add traction to low-friction floors and protect your floor against work boot scuffing and the wear and tear of shaking, sliding, or vibrating machinery and equipment.

For Walkways

For use indoors on both hard and carpeted floors, choose these mats for general floor protection and added traction in high-traffic areas.


For Chairs

Protect office floors such as carpet, concrete, and hardwood from the wear and tear of office chair wheels with these mats. These mats also allow office chairs to easily roll over most types of flooring.

For Soft Flooring

Vinyl Oval Mat With Grips

Vinyl Rectangle Mat With Grips

For Hard Flooring

Vinyl Rectangle Mat Without Grips

For Vehicles

Use these vehicle floor mats to trap dirt and protect your vehicle's original flooring from damage caused by footwear. They are shaped to fit either the front or back floor spaces.