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Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link Fencing

Create an enclosure with this versatile chain link fencing. Customize by varying the length of the fencing or by adding optional components, such as gates, arms for barbed wire, or other hardware.

Some components are required for minimal assembly and others depend upon the size and type of enclosure.

End Posts & Caps

Support your fence perimeter corners and ends with these terminal line posts. Apply a post cap to each terminal post to close off the exposed ends.

2 38 in Dia Terminal Posts

Terminal Posts

Post Caps

Line Posts & Eye Tops

Place these line posts 10 to 12 ft apart between terminal posts on longer fencing runs. Affix an eye top to each line post to close off exposed ends and to accommodate top rails.

1 58 in Dia Line Posts

Line Posts

Eye Tops

1 78 in Dia Line Posts

Line Posts

Eye Tops

Top Rails, Sleeves, & End Cups

Add top rails to support all parts of a fencing run where gates are not present. Rails fit through eye tops on line posts. Sleeves join rails, and end cups close off rail ends.

1 38 in Dia Top Rails

Top Rails

End Cups

1 58 in Dia Top Rails

Top Rails

End Cups


Tension Bars & Brace Bands

Keep chain link fencing secure with these tension bars and brace bands. Thread bars vertically at corner, end, and gate posts, and fasten them to the posts with bands to maintain proper tension.

Tension Bars

Brace Bands

Tension Bands

Ties & Carriage Bolts

Secure fencing fabric to top rails with fence ties. Use carriage bolts to fasten tension bands, brace bands, and hinges to posts.

Chain Link Ties

Carriage Bolts

Gate Hinges, Clamps, Springs, & Corners

Gather the necessary hardware to add a gate to your chain link fence perimeter.





Gate Latches & Cane Bolts

Affix a latch for single-door gates or cane bolts for double-door gates according to your aesthetic and security needs.

Automatic Latches

Bar Latches

Door Latches

Fork Latches

Hidden Latches

Magnetic Latches

Padlockable Latches

Cane Bolts

Barbed Wire Arms

Provide extra security to your fencing perimeter with these barbed wire arms. Ideal for agricultural and high-security applications, this hardware supports runs of barbed wire.

Barbed Wire Line Arms

Barbed Wire Arm Corners