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Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip Irrigation Systems

Supply steady, low flow water to plants in small areas with these drip irrigation systems.

Irrigation Kits

Deliver water directly to the plant base with these irrigation kits.

Emitters for Precise Watering

Target specific plants such as trees, bushes, or shrubs with these low-flow emitters. They attach to irrigation tubing, and help prevent water puddling.

Misters for Spraying Small Areas

Apply water in mist form to rooting plants, flower beds, and other plants that benefit from delicate watering or high humidity.

Bubblers to Flood Small Areas

Use these bubblers to supply a large amount of water to closely-spaced plants. Best in settings where spraying and misting is not desired, such as near windows.

Sensors to Monitor Rainfall

Save on water consumption with these rainfall sensors. They signal irrigation systems to halt their activity during periods of rain.

Fittings for System Components

Assemble drip irrigation systems with these fittings which hold tubing pieces together to provide a secure fit for a leak-proof system.