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Garden Hose Sprinklers

Garden Hose Sprinklers

Use these sprinklers to deliver water to lawns, gardens, and flower beds when needed.

Stationary for Small Areas

Use on small areas that require a consistent, continuous coverage pattern. These stationary sprinklers require manual adjustment and repositioning.

Whirling for Gardens & Open Areas

Also known as rotary sprinklers, these whirling sprinkler units let you evenly and gently water large gardens and open areas with the wide circular spray pattern of their spinning arms.

Impulse for Intense, Wide Coverage

Deliver strong, uniform pulses of circular or semi-circular patterns of water to large areas with these impulse sprinklers, also called impact sprinklers. Spray distance and density is adjustable.

Traveling for Long, Large Lawns

Powered by water pressure from a hose, these sprinklers roll up to 200 feet to provide even water coverage to large landscapes.

Sprinkler Systems

Install these permanent, underground sprinkler systems to eliminate the need to move and adjust above-ground components.