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Garden & Landscape Fencing

Garden & Landscape Fencing

Prevent animals from eating gardens and trees, or create pens and other enclosures with this protective mesh fencing, poultry netting, and hardware cloth.

For Keeping Deer Out

Also known as deer fences, these barriers protect plants of all types from being eaten by deer and other animals.

Deer Fence

Deer Fence Kit

For Containing Flower Boxes & Pens

Made of thin, flexible steel wire, this garden perimeter mesh, also known as chicken wire, can be used to make small enclosures.

For General Purpose Protection

Protect trees and other landscaped areas with this general purpose landscape fencing, also known as hardware cloth. It is galvanized for increased rust and weather protection and can be used in a variety of landscaping support applications.

U-Channel Fence Posts

Provide structure and support to your poultry netting, hardware cloth, and other animal barriers with these U-channel fence posts.