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Use these rakes for a variety of tasks, from ordinary yardwork to heavy duty landscaping and construction.

For Lawns & Shrubs

Gather leaves, loose mulch, and trimmings with these lawn and shrub rakes.

General Purpose Poly Tines

Heavy Duty Steel Tines

For Gravel & Heavy Materials

Redistribute and level off gravel, compost, and other heavy materials with these heavy duty rakes.

Heavy Duty Steel Tines

For Landscape Leveling

Use these short-tined landscape leveling rakes to grade or level gardens and other dirt surfaces.

Lightweight Aluminum Tines

For Asphalt & Roads

Level asphalt, gravel, and other heavy materials at various stages of road building with these asphalt and road rakes.

Heavy Duty Steel Tines

Lightweight Aluminum Tines

For Aquatic Cleaning

Skim the surface of pools and ponds with these aquatic cleaning rakes to remove algae, leaves, and other debris.