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Cut deep, precise channels for drainage or for running underground cables or irrigation lines with these trenchers and drain spades.

For Clearing Trenches

With a pointed tip and square sides on the scoop, these trenchers can drive deep into the soil while creating trench walls in the same motion. Use for trenches holding cables, hoses, or pipelines.

Straight Handle

For Precise Digging

Also known as drain spades, they have long, narrow scoops for precision digging tasks, such as clearing existing trenches or planting flowers.

D-Grip Handle

Straight Handle

For Removing Shingles

Pry shingles from roofs with ease with the tooth edge of these spades.

D-Grip Handle

Straight Handle

For General Utility

Pack these compact spades in your vehicle for camping or emergencies.

Plastic Blades

Steel Blades