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Automotive & Battery Cable

Automotive & Battery Cable

Choose from automotive prime wire, battery cable, and other types of wire and cable designed to transmit electricity in motor vehicles.

Prime Wire

Use this wire for general circuit wiring inside cars, boats, tractors, or other vehicles. It is insulated for resistance to oil, grease, and acids.

60V DC, PVC Insulation — for up to 167 ° F

60V DC, PVC Insulation — for up to 176 ° F

60V DC, PVC Insulation — for up to 257 ° F

60V DC, Polyethylene Insulation — for up to 257 ° F

Battery Cable

Connect a battery to a starter or a ground with large automotive cable.

60V DC , Rubber (TPR) Insulation — for up to 150 ° F

Battery-to-Battery Cable

This short battery cable comes pre-fitted with lugs or clamps for connecting the battery to the vehicle's electrical system.

with Top Post Clamp

with Eyelet

Trailer Cable

Transmit electricity between a tractor and trailer with this cable. The outer jacket is resistant to oil, grease, and weather, along with cracks and abrasions.

60V DC, Polyethylene Jacket — for up to 176 ° F