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Bolt-On Miniature Circuit Breakers

Bolt-On Miniature Circuit Breakers

Mechanically attach these bolt-on miniature circuit breakers (MCB) to a circuit using fasteners. Circuit breakers protect electrical equipment from overload and shorts. They are commonly used in power supplies, motors, lighting, and appliances because their compact size requires less space in small enclosures. All circuit breakers must be used with a compatible panelboard or load center.

QOB Series

Provide AC and DC switching and protect against overcurrents in NQOD panelboards using these thermal-magnetic breakers. A trip-indication strip provides visual confirmation that the breaker has tripped. For multipole breakers, the mechanism trips when any of the poles encounters an overcurrent.

For Square D Panelboards

Standard Circuit Breaker

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

High Intensity Discharge

High Interrupting Capacity

High Magnetic

Shunt Trip

For Square D Load Center

Main Breaker

EDB Series

EBD equipment-protection circuit breakers have a thermal-magnetic design to protect against ground faults in a variety of instruments, including well pumps, and equipment used in water and wastewater, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. They are compatible with NF breaker panelboards and interiors. Each breaker occupies two spaces within the panelboard.

For Square D NF Panelboards

TEY Series

Use these compact, bolt-on breakers on grounded 480Y/277V AC systems to protect against short circuits.

For GE AE Lighting Panels

THQB Series

Q-line THQB-series miniature circuit breakers are suitable for use with AC systems that have a standard voltage rating of 120-240V AC.

For GE AQ Lighting Panels

BQ, BQD, & BQH Series

These BQ, BQD, and BQH general-purpose circuit breakers have load-side lugs.

For Siemens Panelboards

BQ Series

BQD Series

B Series

Use these general-purpose Siemens B-series circuit breakers for circuit protection in AC systems. These circuit breakers are panel mounted for quick installation.

For Siemens Panelboards