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Buck-Boost Transformers

Buck-Boost Transformers

Make small or big changes to the available power voltage to suit your equipment. Buck-boost transformers increase or decrease voltage by a small amount, while step-up/step-down transformers make more significant changes in voltage to operate equipment in other countries.


Power 110V to 120V AC tools and other devices from a 220V AC source, or operate 220V AC single-phase equipment from a 120V AC outlet. Carry these compact transformers wherever they are needed.

Output Volt 220/110V AC — Input Volt 110/220V AC


Provide the exact input voltage required by motors and other equipment to help ensure longer service life. These single-phase buck-boost transformers are smaller and more efficient than equivalent isolation transformers, saving space and energy.

Output Volt 12/24V AC — Input Volt 120/240V AC

Output Volt 16/32V AC — Input Volt 120/240V AC