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Butt Splices

Butt Splices

Lengthen, change, or repair an electrical circuit with a butt splice, or straight splice. Insert the ends of stripped wires into the splice openings so that they butt against each other inside the splice and secure in place using different termination styles, including crimping, soldering, and screwing.

Vinyl-Insulated Butt Splices

Made with a vinyl insulation, these butt splices are a basic choice for electrical connections.

Single Crimp — 600V AC

Double Crimp — 600V AC

Nylon-Insulated Butt Splices

More durable than vinyl-insulated butt splices, these splices are made of high-conductivity tin-plated copper with a nylon insulation.

Double Crimp — 600V AC

Heat-Shrink Butt Splices

A heat-sensitive adhesive within these insulated butt splices provides a water-resistant and sealed connection when heated.

Single Crimp — 600V AC

Double Crimp — 600V AC

Solder — 600V AC

Non-Insulated Butt Splices

A depressed area in the middle of these non-insulated butt splices acts as a wire stop to ensure a proper connection when crimped.

Single Crimp — 600V AC

Double Crimp — 600V AC

Non-Insulated Barrel Splices

Typically used in high voltage situations and power distribution, these non-insulated barrel splices have compression action that provides a durable connection for heavy-duty applications involving vibration and corrosion.

Long barrel splices allow space for additional crimping, which increases the strength of the connection and is useful for heavy duty applications. Short barrel, or standard length, splices are for general use.

Short Copper Barrel — 600V AC Voltage

Long Copper Barrel — 600V AC Voltage

Long Copper Barrel — 35,000V AC Voltage

Crimp-Free Butt Splices

No extra tool is needed to close these crimp-free, or push-in, insulated butt splices. Simply push the splice into place over the wires. The built-in viewing window on the body provides visual confirmation that the connection has been made. Their compact size also makes these splices suitable for increasing the length of short wires when space is limited.

Polycarbonate Body — 600V AC Voltage

Mechanical Connectors

Turn the screw on these mechanical connectors to join wires. Typically rated for use in higher voltage applications than standard butt splices, these connectors are not insulated.

Aluminum Body — 35,000V AC Voltage