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Cable Clips, Clamps, & Spacers

Cable Clips, Clamps, & Spacers

Bind wires and cables together and guide their path with these cable clips, clamps, and spacers. They come in different styles for mounting to a variety of surfaces.

Adhesive-Backed Cable Clips

Stick these clips wherever you need to guide or hold cable. These adhesive-backed clips adhere to plastic and wood as well as painted and coated surfaces.


Top Entry

Side Entry


Screw-On Cable Clamps

Driving a screw through the clip simultaneously mounts the clip to a surface and closes the loop of the clip to hold the cable in place. The screw style means you can re-mount as needed.

Screw On


Nail-On Cable Clamps

Attach cables to surfaces with these U-shaped cable clamps. Use the included nail to mount to a surface and close the clamp. This mount style removes any potential for the cable to slip out once installed. They can be used on wood, concrete, and brick.

Cable Spacers

Strategically branch cables out along surfaces using these slotted cable spacers. They keep cables organized while supporting them at the same time.

with Integrated Nail

with Screw

Flexible-Rubber Cable Bases

The flexible rubber of these cable bases allows for quick insertion and removal of wires, such as charger cables and computer cords. The adhesive backing enables installation anywhere.

Adhesive Backed

Cable Clips & D-Rings

Organize small cables and cable bundles with these clips and rings. D-rings are mounted along mounting frames and EIA (Electronic Industries Alliance) rails that have square holes. Clips attach to surfaces such as brickwork and wood studs.