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Grommet Style
Cable Grommets

Cable Grommets

When inserted into both sides of a hole or opening, grommets provide a smooth lining of entry points into boxes, walls, desktops, or other surfaces to protect wire and cable as they pass through.

Flexible Grommets

These grommets are made of PVC, which provides flexibility for easy insertion into holes in electrical boxes, sheet metal, and other openings. They also provide a smooth barrier between the sharp edge of the opening and the cable to prevent chafing and abrasion.

Snap-In Grommets

Insert these grommets into metal stud punches to protect wires and cables from damage when pulled through. These grommets snap into place for quick installation.

Grommet Edging

Line the edges of sharp, straight openings with grommet edging to protect cables from abrasion. This grommet edging has an adhesive back for quick installation wherever it's needed.