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Cable J-Hooks

Cable J-Hooks

Support and suspend cables on their path by attaching these cable J-hooks to vertical surfaces, such as walls and poles, and resting the cable in the bend of the J-shape. Use these when cable cannot be mounted directly to walls, ceilings, or equipment or when routing cable around obstacles and barriers.

Wall Mount

With a standard J-shape, these hooks are ideal for mounting to a wall. They provide both elevation and support for cables and cords.

Galvanized Steel


Ceiling Mount

Mount to the ceiling or another overhead surface using the top flange on these J-hooks. Thread the J-hook onto a threaded rod that is hanging from the ceiling.

Beam Mount

These hooks have a special J-shaped design that clamps around beams.

Hammer On

Screw On

Wire Rod Mount

Save time installing J-hooks to threaded rods and other surfaces. Each J-hook has either an angle bracket or a bat-wing bracket that can be mounted to threaded rods.

Bat Wing Assembly

Angle Bracket Assembly

Threaded Rod Attachment

Max Cat 5e Cable Capacity 10

Max Cat 5e Cable Capacity 29

Max Cat 5e Cable Capacity 55

Supports Low Voltage Cables

Multi-Tier Bar for J-Hooks

When you want to install multiple J-hooks along a wall or other surface, these multi-tier bars are the solution. The holes along the bar are spaced out to accept J-hooks at specific intervals and support cables that need to be kept separate and organized.