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Cable-Pull Switches

Cable-Pull Switches

Attach a cable and pull down to switch power on or off. Mount these cable pull switches on machines or conveyors anywhere along the length of the cable once it is installed. These are ideal for areas where other types of switches are not as practical or safe such as along exposed conveyors and machines.

Cable-Pull Switches

Suitable for standard use on conveyors and machines, these switches require a simple tug on the cable to activate the switch.

Single End, 3 A @ 240V AC Switch Rating

With Booted Push Button Reset

With Push Button Reset

Heavy Duty Cable-Pull Switches

Constructed of more rugged materials than standard cable-pull switches, these stand up to heavy-duty tasks and environments.

Single End, 15 A @ 120/600V AC Switch Rating

Double End, 15 A @ 120/600V AC Switch Rating

Cable-Pull Emergency Stop Switches

A cable-pull switch and push-button switch in one, these are ideal for emergency power interruption since there are two activation options: pushing the button or pulling the cable (not included).

Single End, 6 A @ 120V AC, 3 A @ 240V AC

Cable-Pull Switch Kits

Everything you need to install your cable-pull switch is in one kit. These kits include cable and additional hardware to convert switches into a cable-pull style.

Cable-Pull Switch Mounting Hardware

Select an accessory to help install your cable and cable-pull switch. Choose the mounting hardware that is compatible with your cable-pull switch.