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Closed-End Splices

Closed-End Splices

Used to permanently connect two or more wires, closed-end splices can be crimped, snapped, or soldered, which provides a stronger connection than manually twisting wires. This stronger connections makes them suited for environments where corrosion or vibration are an issue. They can be used in place of a wire nut.

Crimp Splices

Pigtail two or more wires together by crimping these insulated splices onto the wires. Crimping provides a secure connection.

300V AC Voltage

600V AC Voltage

600V AC Voltage — Flammability Rating UL 94V-2 HB

Heat-Shrink Splices

Insert wire ends into these splices, solder, and heat with a heat gun. The heat-sensitive material within the splice creates an insulated and sealed connection when heated.

600V AC Voltage

Copper Crimp Sleeves

Quickly create a permanent reliable connection by applying pressure to these long-lasting copper crimp sleeves. These are not insulated.

Moisture-Seal Gel Caps

A built-in gel lining seals out moisture, insulates, and protects splice connections in harsh environments, such as those around motor connections and street lights. Push the splice cover down and snap the clamp to activate the seal. When the splice is removed, the gel cleanly pulls away with it.

1,000V AC Voltage