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Combination Wall Plates

Combination Wall Plates

The openings in these wall plates accommodate different devices in one switch box, such as duplex outlets, toggle switches, or rocker switches.

Toggle Switch & Duplex Outlet Plates

The cutouts in these plates are made to fit a duplex socket and a toggle light switch housed in the same electrical box.



Toggle & Rocker Switch Plates

Protect toggle and rocker switches installed in one electrical box using these combination wall plates.



Toggle Switch & Blank Plates

Apply these wall plates to a box that has a toggle light switch and an empty space.

Duplex Outlet & Blank Plates

These cover plates for electrical boxes have an empty space as well as cutouts for duplex receptacles.

Duplex Outlet & Rocker Switch Plates

Use these wall plates with a box containing a duplex receptacle and a rocker switch.

Duplex Outlet & Round Receptacle Plates

Cover a box containing a single receptacle and a duplex receptacle using these plates.