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Accessories for Electrical Enclosures

Accessories for Electrical Enclosures

Facilitate or enhance the use of electrical enclosures with these panels, fans, windows, and other enclosure accessories.

Interior Panels

Available in a variety of sizes, these panels screw into studs inside the enclosure and are used for mounting electrical equipment.

Oil-Tight Hole Seals

Block unused knockout holes in electrical enclosures to keep out dust, oil, and liquids. These seals contain an oil-tight gasket to create a seal between the inside and outside of the enclosure.

Enclosure Windows & Louver Plate Kits

Ventilate or view inside your enclosure with these louver plates and windows. Louver plates feature horizontal slits or other openings to provide ventilation while keeping out rain when used outdoors. Windows allow you to see electrical components inside the enclosure without having to open the cover.

Enclosure Window Kits

Louver Plate Kits

Enclosure Air Conditioners & Filters

Maintain optimal conditions inside your electrical enclosure, and keep components running smoothly, with these air conditioners and filters.

Enclosure Air Conditioner — 115V AC, Single Phase

Enclosure Air Conditioner — 230V AC, Single Phase

Enclosure Air Conditioner — 400/460V AC, Three Phase