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Electrical Metal Tubing (EMT)

Electrical Metal Tubing (EMT)

Cut and bend this electrical metal tubing (EMT) to the proper size and angle without sacrificing its protective qualities. Electrical metal tubing is also known as thin-wall conduit and is an economical choice for light-duty protection of electrical wire. It is more rigid than flexible metallic conduit.

General Purpose

For use in general purpose electrical applications, choose this standard electrical metal tubing (EMT).

Hot Galvanized Steel


Quickly identify the circuit you need by using colored EMT conduit. These are ideal when you have various electrical systems running a long distance next to each other and for intersections of multiple lines.

Hot Galvanized Steel

With Integrated Coupling

Join conduit quickly and easily with the integrated coupling at the end of this conduit.

Hot Galvanized Steel

Compression Coupling

Set Screw Coupling