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Floor Outlet Boxes

Floor Outlet Boxes

Create a convenient electricity source without the use of extension cords by installing these floor outlet boxes when wall and ceiling outlets are out of reach. Designed specifically to be installed in floors, these boxes provide durable housing for electrical receptacles and can withstand foot traffic.

General Purpose

Install these cost-effective boxes for general use in residential or light commercial settings. Add a compatible cover to suit the devices in the box and to keep out dirt and debris. A flange is required for boxes installed in tiled or carpeted floors to close the gap between the top of the box and the surface of the floor.

With Rectangular Opening

Metallic Box

With Round Opening

Plastic Box

Metallic Box

Fire Rated

Maintain the fire rating of your concrete floor without the need for additional fireproofing by installing these fire-rated boxes. Also known as poke throughs, they fit snugly into a small diameter core hole and expand to form a tight seal in the event of a fire so they won't weaken the floor. They don't require spray-on insulation to fireproof and are typically used in office buildings, multi-unit dwellings, and other settings where installations must meet fire codes.

With Round Opening

Steel Box