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Forklift Limiter Fuses

Forklift Limiter Fuses

Keep forklifts, material lifts, and other equipment safe from short circuits with AC or DC forklift limiter fuses. These bolt-on fuses are optimized for heavy-lifting machinery.

Flat Body

Typically offered in lower voltage ratings but more compact sizes than ALS and ACK fuses, these fuses are made for forklifts and other lifting equipment with AC or DC power. A window lets you see whether the fuse element has broken.

Bussmann ANL Series, Fast Acting, 78 in Fuse Width

Bussmann ANN Series, Fast Acting, 78 in Fuse Width

Cylindrical Body

With these fuses, you can protect electrical circuits in forklifts, powered pallet jacks, and other lifting equipment. ALS and ACK fuses typically have higher voltage ratings, ampere ratings, and interrupt ratings than ANL, ANN, CNL, or CNN fuses.

Bussmann ACK Series, Time Delay

Bussmann ALS Series, Fast Acting