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Grounding Clamps

Grounding Clamps

Create a mechanical connection between a ground wire and a ground rod or pipe using these grounding clamps. Ground clamps are specifically designed to secure ground wire to the pedestal.

Pipe Clamps

These ground clamps have an open-face design to lay in the tap. Their design allows them to connect ground conductors, including EMT and rigid conduit, to round grounds such as water pipe, copper tubing, grounding rod, and rebar.

Swing U-Shaped Pipe Clamps

Mount copper wire parallel to or at a 90° angle using these U-shaped swing pipe ground clamps. The U-shape helps ensure a secure fit around round pedestals, including rod, rebar, pipe, and fence posts.

U-Shaped Pipe Clamps

Ground one to two conductors using these raised-floor grounding clamps that attach copper wire at a 90° angle to the mounting pedestal. The U-shape helps ensure a secure fit around round pedestals.

Rod Clamps

Connect ground conductors to round ground rods or rebar using these clamps.

Hammerlock Clamps

Hammerlock clamps, also known as ground rod couplings, are grounding connectors that connect a conductor to a grounding rod to dissipate electric currents. Use them in underground grounding installations or when a permanent connection is required. Hammerlock clamps are permanently attached when the set pin is flush with the top of the connector.

Cable Tray Clamps

These cable-tray grounding clamps can accommodate up to 2 copper wires. Cable trays hold or support cables in an installation.


Ground connectors are used for grounding copper wire to flat bar-shaped grounds.

Ground Clips

Slide these grounding clips onto the edge of a steel outlet box to attach a ground wire. No tools are required, making for quick installation.