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Hazardous-Location Conduit Elbows

Hazardous-Location Conduit Elbows

Angle a conduit run around corners and curves or attach conduit to an enclosure at an angle with these elbow fittings. Suitable for use with rigid or intermediate metal conduit (RMC or IMC), they are rated for hazardous locations where dust ignition or explosion are concerns.

90° Elbows

Featuring a 90° bend, these elbows create right-angle connections. They are ideal for installing conduit around sharp corners.

Male to Female

Male to Male

45° Elbows

These elbow fittings have a 45° bend to create a slight change in direction for your conduit run.

Adjustable Elbows

Use adjustable elbows to connect conduit at almost any angle. The elbows can rotate up to 360° when creating connections, and they have a locking collar that tightens to hold the elbow at the desired angle. Because they can accommodate connections at a range of angles, adjustable elbows are a good choice for replacing existing fittings.